Jennette's Pier the backyard of Banks Surf SupplySurfer brain.......

      Late, we all are guilty of it from time to time. It's just human nature, things are put on hold or forgotten when something you deem important or fun gets in the way. In my case the culprit is often waves.
      Years ago, the waves kept me in the ocean for the better part of a beautiful Outer Banks afternoon. Not huge waves, but glassy green peelers that went on forever. The kind of elongated session where you proclaim "One more and I'm going in." But the rides always ended with a giggle and a paddle back out. This culprit would not let me go easily.
      With a head full of gliding rides, tired shoulders and a salt coated body I finally felt that I could let this session go. Back at my truck, the phone was alive with missed calls and texts from a photographer friend. She was waiting at my house to shoot some pics of my lady, our animals, and myself as agreed upon a week prior. Of course I forgot or rather lost myself in the ocean.
      Ten minutes later, I managed to be at the house with nice pants and a button down shirt on still dripping sea water and covered with salt. I apologized profusely while the photographer started snapping away. She finally stopped long enough to glare at me and simply said "Surfer brain!"
      Banks Surf Supply was founded with this surfer brain mentality. My work is my passion, if I can't surf all day then why not be surrounded by it? I love the waves that the ocean provides in the Outer Banks area, specifically the ones right across the street at Jennette's Pier. A great little crew that share the same passion as I can be found in the water there any day it's breaking. Even in the Winter at first light you can guarantee someone will be there to paddle out. 
      With 15 years of experience in the surf industry, I also felt it was time for a change. Or maybe it's not much of a change but more of a redirection to what surf shop's used to be. I wanted to create a place that focused on the basics of the surfer brain. Just the things you need to enjoy your surf time in and out of the water. A place where you come in and leave with a smile and hopefully a high five or two.
      Banks Surf Supply offers mostly local products. Our new surfboards and skimboards are produced here on the Outer Banks. We also stock local clothing brands, jewelry, artwork, and photography. I envision the percentage of local product to continue to grow each year.
      I hope that you stop by and share the stoke that I have living, working and surfing in this great location. If you can't make it by, give me a call or email and let me know what I can assist you with. Just don't be surprised if I show up a few minutes late, dripping wet with a grin on my face.

From my surfer brain to yours,

Todd M. Kleban



Specializing in boards and brands crafted here on the Outer Banks.

  • Phone: 1-252-715-4613
  • e-mail: bankssurfsupply@gmail.com