April 3, 2018
Happy Hour session with the crew in the back yard.
All photos by Frank Overton Brown III

Iain sliding into one on his locally shaped GFG longboard.
As you can imagine, running the shop on a warm Spring day with clean, peeling waves can be a little nerve racking. Counting the minutes until closing time and watching the crew already out there grinning like a bunch of donkeys eating briars, this day I had my suit on and board ready to go well before locking the door. You have got to love these longer days, more and more of the tribe has time to get on it after work.
   Usually in the water with us when he's not at his day job as a real estate guru, Frank decided to shoot some pics and hoot us into some green, glassy runners. Of course we will have to give him wave priority next session.
Done with the big brown truck for the day, Charley keeps on driving. 
Thomas putting the English on the muffin.
A quick pump of his GFG longboard and Stephen's set up for a good one.
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Our Backyard Break

   One reason Banks Surf Supply is located a block from Jennette's Pier, is that it puts you in striking distance of some of the most consistent surf breaks in Nags Head. If there's a hint of a wave you can bet someone will be out cashing in on the amazing sand bars that the large concrete pier holds in place. Dry hair paddle outs are possible on larger days, and little swells turn into peeling nuggets on the inside. Always worth a check when you are hunting surf.


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